(Antibiotics, Tablets, Capsules (Hard & SoftGel), Syrups (Dry & Food), Cough Syrups, General Range, Gynae, Paediatric, Malaria, Women Health, Vitamins, Protein Powder, Immunity Booster)

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Third Party Manufacturing And PCD Franchise

JM Healthcare (P) Ltd is one of the leading healthcare enterprises with core competencies in the field of medicines and healthcare products. JM Healthcare (P) Ltd is a WHO GMP GLP Compliance unit. JM Healthcare is committed to manufacture high-quality medicine and our committed exceeds the industry standards. We’re engaged in supplying and exporting the purest and safest variety of medicines like Tablets, Antibiotics, Capsules (Hard & Soft Gelatin), Dry Syrups, Food Syrups, Cough Syrups, General Range, Vitamins & Minerals, Protein Powder, Immunity Booster, Gynae, Paediatric, Malaria, Women Health, etc. Our aim remains to serve the mankind with superior and effective pharmaceutical medicines.

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What Makes us Different


JM Healthcare offers top-quality Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Services.


JM Healthcare is a WHO & ISO-certified company, in India.


JM Healthcare provides WHO-GMP Certified Products.


We are currently serving nearly 150+ cities throughout India.


We have 15+ years of experience in pharmaceutical industry.

Wide Portfolio

We have around 250 different pharmaceutical goods.

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Client Testimonials

“Get the best pharma opportunity only from JM Healthcare. I am very satisfied with their services and quality based products. I really like to thank the entire Team, very co-operative, and excellent communication.”

Singh Gaganpreet

“Good pharmaceutical products of JM Healthcare. Very skilled, professional team, and good communication. Highly recommend them to all who seek to get in touch with a reliable pharma company.”

Sarvjeet S

“It was a great experience with JM Healthcare. Serve the highest quality-based pharmaceutical products when buying from JM with best services, timely delivered.”

Sapna Saini

“One of the leading pharma companies in India. I have ordered a few tablets and Injectables. Attractive Packing Design and competitive rates of pharma products.”

Vivek K

“Good quality products and very well supportive staff. I am very happy to take the best services and cost-effective products from JM Healthcare. Providing high-quality and affordably priced products to the customers.”

Sunil D


A) Third-party manufacturing, or contract manufacturing in pharma, is when a pharmaceutical company outsources production to an external manufacturer. The external manufacturer handles the production process and quality control, allowing the hiring company to focus on other aspects of its business, such as marketing and profit-making.

A) The benefits of third-party manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry include cost savings, access to specialized expertise and equipment, scalability, reduced production time, and the ability for the hiring company to focus on core business functions such as research, marketing, and distribution.

A) When selecting a third-party manufacturing partner in the pharma industry, factors such as the partner's reputation, manufacturing capabilities, adherence to quality standards, regulatory compliance, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility to accommodate varying production scales should be evaluated.

A) The quality control process in third-party manufacturing involves rigorous testing and inspection at every stage of production. This includes raw material testing, in-process checks, and final product testing to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

A) Yes, third-party manufacturing is often a viable and cost-effective option for small pharmaceutical companies. It allows them to access manufacturing capabilities, expertise, and facilities without the need for substantial investments in infrastructure. This enables smaller companies to focus on product development, marketing, and market expansion while leveraging the production capabilities of established third-party manufacturers.

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